The Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association was founded in November of 1999 by a group of twenty seven professionals in Detroit, Michigan working towards a goal of building a worldwide network to address the profound healthcare crisis in Ethiopia.


Prior to the first meeting of ENAHPA's initial membership, Drs. Ingida and Elizabeth Asfaw with lifelong friend Tesfaye Kebede, discussed the feasibility of gathering a consortium of Ethiopians in the diaspora in the United States and Canada. The purpose of this proposed meeting was to brainstorm a practical approach to collectively address a seemingly endless famine in Ethiopia as well as lack of medical access for the poor in the country.


It was on a Saturday in November of 1999, twenty seven highly skilled medical professionals met for the first time in Detroit to form the 501(c)3 non-profit called the Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association. At the time, the group made the decision to establish a virtual network of medical and non-medical professionals throughout North America that could help develop an organized plan to tackle systemic healthcare problems in Ethiopia.


By 2000, the group had expanded to over 100 members and had it's first annual conference in Washington, D.C. sharing thoughts and strategies amongst a growing network of dedicated professionals. In 2001, members of ENAHPA embarked upon a fact finding mission that would solidify a decade long relationship with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.


Since 2003, ENAHPA has expanded its range of services in Ethiopia from medical missions to infrastructure and capacity building with the support of its members, partners and funders. Our non-profit organization has received many accolades, awards and grant funding for its continuing work in Ethiopia and we actively seek partnerships to extend the scale and scope of our work. We encourage you to explore the specifics of our outreach.