ENAHPA is comprised of an Executive Leadership Team that handles the day-to-day operations of the organization as well as a Board of Directors that makes decisions around the strategic direction on behalf of members. In addition, our program committees drive the mission of ENAHPA on a grassroots level.

Message from the Founder

My quest to study medicine abroad was born when I was in the 6th grade reading a microbiology book. At that time, there were no medical schools in Ethiopia to educate and train physicians and there were only a handful of Ethiopian physicians trained abroad. So, as a teenager, in 1958, I traveled two and a half weeks from Ethiopia to the United States aboard a cargo ship with no money and a small suitcase. I achieved my dream against extraordinary odds, but never forgot my homeland and the needs of so many impoverished and suffering citizens.


After forty-three years, I returned to Ethiopia in 2001 with the goal of delivering on a promise I had made to myself and my homeland; that I would return and use my gifts to help build a sustainable healthcare system through the Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association.


As the Founder of ENAHPA, I am proud of the myriads of achievements this organization has made in helping improve Ethiopia’s healthcare in just over seven years operating in the country. Many thanks to all our members and friends for your support and shared commitment in giving a ray of hope to those less fortunate and cannot help themselves.


Together We Can Make a Difference,


Executive Leadership and Board of Directors

2014 Board of Directors


Ingida Asfaw

Ingida Asfaw, MD (Founder and President)


Youm Fesseha, MSc


Kinfe Gebeyehu, MD, MPH


Anne Belec, MBA


Kim Harris-Jones, MBA


Daniel Mekasha, MD


Darnell D. Jackson


Haimanot Tsegaye