Thank you for your interest in supporting ENAHPA.


Equipment can be donated to ENAHPA for hospitals, health centers and teaching institutions. Please let us know the items you would like to donate by contacting us. There is an acute need for operating room equipment to be used in rural health centers to provide emergency cesarean section services. 

Textbooks, journals, CD-ROMs, computers can be donated to ENAHPA for libraries at the teaching institutions. Please contact us with information on the items. If text books please indicate title, year of publication and quantity and if periodicals please note years of series.


Much gratitude.

Lifetime Member (Onetime payment) ELM
$900.00 USD
Medical/Non-Medical members EMM
$200.00 USD
Graduates/Post Graduates EGP
$100.00 USD
Students ESM
$50.00 USD
Additional Contributions / Donations:
$25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or Other