Palliative Care

The palliative care collaboration with ENAHPA is led by Drs. Dan and Jane Hinshaw. Since palliative care treatment to relieve suffering fits well with the mission of ENAHPA, it was recently added as a sponsored activity in 2011. 

With only an estimated 15% of the over 80 million people in Ethiopia able to access healthcare, most cancers, HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses present late in their course. This creates a huge burden of suffering for the Ethiopian people with extremely limited access to pain medications and other palliative care interventions to address the suffering.  Currently, Hospice Ethiopia, started in 2004 by Sr. Tsigereda Yisfawossen, is the only hospice organization in the country trying to address this problem with a staff of 3 nurses.  Hospice Africa Uganda provided the initial training in palliative care to Sr. Tsigereda and has repeatedly sent their international nurse trainer to provide educational support to Hospice Ethiopia and other healthcare workers in Addis Ababa.


A US team organized a 2 week intensive, hands-on training program at St. Paul Federal Hospital in early 2011 which was completed by 22 participants from a variety of medical backgrounds. This led to the development of a palliative care clinic and consult team at St. Paul Hospital as well as formal collaboration with Hospice Ethiopia.  Future visits on a regular basis will nurture this team of Ethiopian leaders and help develop further educational programs for staff as well as trainees.